AAUW-Illinois member Barbara Joan Zeitz writes this entertaining and enlightening column on women in history. Read about how women have enriched our world.
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Barbara Joan Zeitz has published two books about trailblazing women. Find both books at:  Amazon, Barnes &, and Bookstore iUniverse.

book2aThesaurus of Women: From Water to Music

An astonishing exposé of startling facts and stories about valiant trailblazing women kept concealed while their amazing accomplishments have been used and cherished by all humankind. From a Grand Canyon dam proposal, machines to wash clothes/dishes, the circular saw, NAACP, Kevlar, Kabuki, computer software, margaritas, chocolate chip cookies, a weather satellite, and authors of books that would become the hit musicals Chicago, Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music. Exposé Who? Women Who Did!

Thesaurus of Women: From Cherry Blossoms to Cell Phones

An action packed “whodunit” anthology of brave pioneering women who have been mysteriously kept secret while their amazing accomplishments have been enjoyed and embraced on a global scale. From Cherry Blossoms in DC, a bridge in Brooklyn, a castle in California, the APGAR score in birthing facilities, the DNA in your body, OSHA in your workplace, Social Security in your future, to the Cell Phone in your hand, and on and on … Whodunit? She Did!

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Nov 2019 Women as Girls and School Integration V – Ruby Bridges
Oct 2019 Women as Girls and School Integration IV – Elizabeth Eckford
Sept 2019 Women as Girls and School Integration III – Autherine Jaunita Lucy
August 2019 Women as Girls and School Integration II – Linda Brown
July 2019 Women as Girls and School Integration I
 June 2019 BFF Women Journalists – Part 8
May 2019 BFF Women Journalists – Part 7
April 2019 BFF Women Journalists – Part 6
March 2019 BFF Women Journalists – Part 5
February 2019 BFF Women Journalists – Part 4
January 2019 BFF Women Journalists – Part 3


December 2018 BFF Women Journalists – Part 2
November 2018 BFF Women Journalists
Sept 2018 White House / Black Reporter
Summer 2018 Mother of Exiles
May 2018 Hamilton’s Mom
April 2018 Who was Marjory? Part II  (Marjorie Stoneman Douglas)
March 2018 Who was Marjory? Part I  (Marjorie Stoneman Douglas)
February 2018 A Real/Not Reel/Black Superhero (Frances Mary Albrier)
January 2018 A Capital Woman  (Felisa Rincón de Gautier)


December 2017 Pocahontas/A #MeToo?
November 2017 Sarah’s Thanksgiving Holiday
October 2017 Women4TheBirds
April 2017 Dental Hygiene Profession Founder
March 2017 Little League Girl
February 2017 Her AARP  
January 2017 Her Meet the Press


December 2016 Historic STEMM Women/M.D.s
November 2016 Historic STEMM Women/Meteorologists
October 2016 Historic STEM Women/Mathematicians
September 2016 Historic STEM Women/Engineers
August 2016 Historic STEM Women/Technology
July 2016 Historic STEM Women/Science
June 2016 Juneteenth: What Does it Mean?
May 2016 Memorial Day Women Who Made The Day
March 2016 Planned Fatherhood
February 2016 Margaret’s Black History Museum
January 2016 Her Science/His Ideology


December 2015 Monopoly Is Her Game
November 2015 A Snugli Culture Change
October 2015 Her Filters/Your Coffee
September 2015 Dick and Jane and Zerna
May 2015 GolfHer
April 2015 Y Women’s History?: Because!
March 2015 About Her Business
February 2015 Black Women Lynched, Too
January 2015 A Special Olympic Lady


December 2014 Female Darwin
November 2014 War and Sex – Part II
October 2014 War and Sex – Part I
September 2014 Top GunHers
August 2014 A Major Supreme Court Minor Case
July 2014 An Olive Beech
June 2014 Jack & Jill Journalism
May 2014 Her Penicillin, Too
April 2014 Two Strikes She’s Out
March 2014 So Many Women-So Few Days
February 2014 A Cole Case
January 2014 Lean In 1908


December 2013 Bell of Arabia
November 2013 A Cornucopia of Women
July 2013 GovernHers
June 2013 House Women
May 2013 Fab Forty-Four
February 2013 A Lytle Woman Lawyer
January 2013 Poetas Puertorriqueñas

2012 & 2011

December 2012 Flag/Professor/Flying Nun December 2011 Civil War Female Surgeon
November 2012 Doctor/Nurse November 2011 Her Eye in the Hurricane (Joanne Simpson)
October 2012 Her Words/His Music October 2011 Her Head in the Clouds (Joanne Simpson)
September 2012 A Teaspoonful of Sugar (Fannie Farmer) September 2011 Weather She Qualified
August 2012 Cherokee Ms. Chief (Wilma Mankiller) August 2011 Fab Fem Firefighters
July 2012 Born in the USA (Yoshiko Uchida) July 2011 Feminine Paul Revere
June 2012 Ladies D-Day June 2011 Of Married Men and Mistresses
May 2012 Dos Equis (Nettie M. Stevens) May 2011 Women’s Sofware (the ENIAC)
April 2012 Women Linked to Peace April 2011 Her Kabuki-Not His
March 2012 More than Cookies – The Girl Scouts March 2011 Veiled Egyptian Protesters
February 2012  First Lady of the Black Press (Ethyl L. Payne) February 2011 Madames Mayor
January 2012  Her Military Time January 2011 Mag Women

2010 & 2009

December 2010 Not So Bad (Frida Kahlo) December 2009 With Woman (Midwives)
November 2010 Lyda oh Lyda – Part II (Lyda Conley) November 2009 Wife/Copilot (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)
October 2010 Lyda oh Lyda (Lyda Conley) October 2009 The Lady and the Law School
September 2010 Moroccan Women September 2009 NAACP White Woman Founder
August 2010 Strong Woman’s Water (Harriet Russell Strong) August 2009 No Small Step for Women
July 2010 Trumpeting Women July 2009 U.S. Supreme Hearts
June 2010 Her Cell Phone (Hedy Lamarr) June 2009 St. Louie Women
May 2010 Mother’s Day May 2009 The Other Babe (Babe Didrikson-Zaharias)
April 2010 Medicine Women April 2009 Women’s Work-A Wash
March 2010 Her Bly-Line (Nellie Bly) March 2009 Bewitched, Battered, and Bewildered
February 2010 Her March – His Moment (Coretta Scott King) February 2009 1st American Woman’s Bank
January 2010 Her Un-Silent Book (Rachel Carson) January 2009 FLOTUS

2008 & 2007

December 2008 Wall Street Women December 2007 Women in Black
November 2008 First, First Ladies November 2007 War and Women’s Peace
October 2008 HERst Castle October 2007 The Missing Peace
September 2008 Politically Conventional Women September 2007 Mostly Men, Women, and Children
August 2008 Paris to Beijing August 2007 Her Social Securi-Tea
July 2008 Unwanted & Unwelcomed Aid July 2007 OH SHE – OSHA
June 2008 Start the Presses June 2007 Jane and Gender
May 2008 Yes She Can May 2007 The Oldest Profession
April 2008 The Phyllisharmonic April 2007 Taxes a La Godiva
March 2008 International Women’s Day? March 2007 Bags to Bridges
February 2008 Counting Women of Color February 2007 Civil Rights Women
January 2008 Women Airforce Service Pilots January 2007 Madame President

2006 & 2005

December 2006 AstroNOmical WOMEN December 2005 Rosie the Radical
November 2006 Queen for a Dole November 2005 Women of Fashion
October 2006 Mrs. O’Leary Cowed October 2005 Poetic Relativity
September 2006 Fields’ Ladies Macy September 2005 The Supremes
Summer 2006 Independence Declared July 2005 Suffrage Not Won
May 2006 Three Marys in One May 2005 True To The Corps
April 2006 Of Sweatshops Past April 2005 Black and Bluestockings
March 2006 The Ice Lady March 2005 Celluloid Ladies
February 2006 Abortion Anthology February 2005 SportsWomanship
January 2006 More Wise Men Saw January 2005 Rhythm and Gender

2004 & 2003

December 2004 Three Wise Women December 2003 Quilts: Great American Art
November 2004 Female Pharaohs November 2003 Female & Male Menopause
October 2004 Noble/Not Nobel Women October 2003 One Woman/Every Baby
August 2004 Olympic Women September 2003 An Ever-Blossoming Woman
July 2004 Prisons/Politics/Women    
May 2004 Salem Witch Trials    
April 2004 Women’s Right to Write    
March 2004 Deadbeat Parents    
February 2004 Gender in the Court    
January 2004 Age & Sex Discrimination